“Trei Stejari” Farm


A fish pond is waiting for you. A barbeque and a bonfire end your perfect day in nature.

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Coming back to nature and to simple life is a delight for all of us, young and grown-ups. The pefect setting for learning new things.

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A fairy tale like farm

You know how a farm looks like in movies, books and magazines, but how often did you have the opportunity to spend your vacation at a tourist farm? After a year spent between the “concrete walls” of the town, you would probably be tempted to leave on vacation to other countries, because you appreciate quality services, comfort and the landscape. And since you are open to new experiences, the Trei Stejari Farm offers you all that has been enumerated above.

Spread on a surface of 12 hectares and situated at only 1 km away from the BinderBubi Hotel, the Trei Stejari Farm is at the same time a turistic holiday, week-end or business destination, it is the natural food source with “Romanian taste” for all our guests and also a journey through the architecture and popular traditions from different areas in Romania, by means of the “little village museum”, how we like to call the area in which we have built complete households from various regions of the country that wait for you to explore, enjoy the presence of domestic animals or organize rustic parties, both for personal and business events.

The pond, the gardens and vineyards are other attraction points, which you will be pleased to discover.

If your group is a small one, you might consider lodging in the hostel from the farm, and if you want to come by caravan, our special designed parking stays at your disposal.

The appetite you may have after your outdoor activities will make you choose where you prefer to dine: in the open air, in the summer house or at the wine cellar on the hill and pick from a wide range of traditional Romanian and international cuisine, cooked on the fireplace or barbecued.


The hostel from the Trei Stejari Farm offers you 3 rooms decorated in Transylvanian saxon style, with all the endowments: TV, minibar, bathroom provided with shower and turbojet. One of the rooms has a generous terrace, from which, while enjoying your breakfast and coffee, you can admire the spectacle of nature in all its splendour. In the morning, even if you feel like lazing in bed, remember of the places you still have to visit at the Trei Stejari Farm and of the wonderful activities waiting to make your day more beautiful!

Even in Romania there is parking for caravans! At the Trei Stejari Farm we have designed a parking place destined to caravans with a capacity of 7 seats, endowed with all the utilities that you need and which you can use right away.

Accommodation rates:
Sigle room: 130.00 RON/night
Double room 170.00 RON/night

Serving the meal

You can serve breakfast in the room or at the BinderBubi Restaurant, between 07:00 – 10:00.

For the events organized at the Trei Stejari Farm, we can arrange tables in the open air, and in the evening around the campfire or at the “wine cellar on the hill”.


We know what organising an event means, so you can leave all the details to us. You just need to tell us:

1. What kind of reunion you want to organise: anniversary (or any other event in your life), workshop, teambuilding, camping, etc.

2. How many people you want to invite?

3. What dishes you would like to serve?

4. What kind of music you would like?

5. When you would like the event to take place?

You can answer these questions here, and we shall send you all the information and suggestions that you need.

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