Either you are on vacation, you are just spending a week-end or you are just passing by, you want to have a romantic escapade or a getaway with family or friends, either you organize a seminar or you take part in a training, you have a business meeting, you plan a party or you meet friends from abroad whom you want to show a nice piece of Romania, BinderBubi hotel will always place at your disposal what you need and like.

From the nice and relaxing rooms, to the restaurant with its delicious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients picked from its own farm, from the pool with warm water regardless of the season and up to the wellness centre, the relaxing massage sessions and aesthetic procedures, you can find it all here, so that you and your dear ones have an unforgettable stay. Everything is done with taste, passion and inspiration.

Enjoy right from the window of your room the beautiful landscape and the fresh forest air!

Following the architectural beauty of Medias and its noble history, BinderBubi hotel blends naturally in the shapes of the urban landscape. Situated in the close vecinity of the forest, away from the noise and pollution of the town, it offers in exchange the happy twittering of birds and fresh air. And since it is situated on an altitude higher than Medias, if offers you a wonderful perspective of the town and surroundings, regardless from where you might look: from the room, the restaurant, the edge of the pool, the fitness gym, the yard or even from the parking lot.

Peaceful vacation or active relaxation?

Whatever your plans might be, you will really relax at BinderBubi, you will enjoy delicious meals, you´ll be served  impeccably and treated with all the consideration. All the rest is your choice.

150% Resting

You can sleep late in your comfortable and welcoming room, filled with the rustling of the forest and the singing of the birds, if you leave the window opened. You can relax with a  magazine in one hand and a cocktail in the other, while sitting on the terrace or by the pool. You can choose a relaxing massage and others procedures for removing stress or for beauty, you can go to sauna and jacuzzi. You can watch the stars through the glass ceiling of the lounge restaurant, while having dinner.

Active relaxation and lots to tell at home

You can visit the beauties of Medias and the historical monuments in town and of the surroundings, you can take short trips to also see other beautiful landscapes, other remarcable turistic objectives. You can work out in the fitness gym, you can do a few laps in the pool, you can walk or cycle up to the Trei Stejari farm nearby, where you can fish, pick fruits, barbecue, light a camp fire.


There are many things to see and do! Each of our clients regrets when his/her stay is over, which always seems too short and wants to return to use the entire list of attractions up.

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